December 15, 2010

Anniversary for the "first flight" of the Boeing 787

Many people in the aviation industry think that today is the anniversary of the first flight of the Boeing 787. But is it? With so many delays and delivery push backs it leaves one wondering if an actual 787 has even flown at all yet. In the Everett Boeing plant they do not allow photography, the reason I think for this is that the Dreamlifter is really just a couple 767s with reshaped noses and they didn't want anybody documenting this happening. I think all the ones sitting around the Everett Boeing plant are fakes. The windows are all blacked out hiding the fact that they have not actually been able how to cost effectively
produced their promised magically lit interior? Are they all engine less because the real 787 engines do not exist and the fake wings they have on the aircraft would not support the weight? Did they call it the Dreamliner because that is all it is, some ones random dream never to actually see the light of day? Is the 787 just a way for Boeing to be back in the news and create excitement for their brand without ever actually producing a new plane? To me that is what it seems.

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